Top bet for Nobel Peace Prize is in Chinese prison诺贝尔和平奖最热门人选在中国监狱里

By CARA ANNA (AP) – 卡拉 安娜
In this Sept. 28, 2010 photo, Liu Xia, wife of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo speaks during an interview in Beijing, China. When the police came for Liu Xiaobo that night nearly two years ago, they didn't tell the dissident-author the reason for taking him away. The line in the detention order for "motive" was blank. But everyone in Liu's dark Beijing apartment knew exactly why. Liu was hours from releasing a call for peaceful political reform in China that would represent the democracy movement's most comprehensive demand ever _ and that would earn Liu multiple nominations for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. (AP Photo/Andy Wong) 图为国异见人士刘晓波的妻子霞,安迪 王拍2010928在北京的一次采访中。近乎年前警察家里走他的那,他们并没有告知他们带异见作家的原因。在拘留定里“原因”一也是空白的,但在家的所有人都知道次被走的原因是刘晓波在几小前公布了一呼吁中国进行和平政治改革的文章,它综合性地代表了去民主运动的各种诉求,也使得刘晓得了的合提名今年的诺贝尔和平人。

BEIJING — When the police came for Liu Xiaobo on a December night nearly two years ago, they didn't tell the dissident author why he was being taken away again. The line in the detention order for his "suspected crime" was left blank. --北京  当两年前12月的一夜里,警察来带刘晓波,他们并没有告诉这异见作家再次被走的原因。在拘留定里“原因”一也是空白的。
But Liu and the dozen officers who crowded into his dark Beijing apartment knew the reason. He was hours from releasing Charter 08, the China democracy movement's most comprehensive call yet for peaceful reform. The document would be viewed by the ruling Communist Party as a direct challenge to its 60-year monopoly on political power.但是刘晓波和十几名正聚集在他家的警察都知道原因:刘晓波在几小前公布了一呼吁中国进行和平政治改革的文章“08章”,它综合性地代表了去民主运动求。这份文件被政的中视为对它60垄断政治力的直接挑
Liu, who over the past two decades had endured stints in prison and re-education camp, looked at the blank detention notice and lost his temper.刘晓着空白的拘留通知。他在去的二十多年中曾被押在监狱所里。

"At that moment, I knew the day I was expecting had finally come," his wife, Liu Xia, said recently as she recounted the night of Dec. 8, 2008. Thinking of the Beijing winter, she said she brought him a down coat and cigarettes. The police took the cigarettes away.他的妻子,霞女士最近重新回2008128晚发生的事,她说道“那我知道此前的,那天最终来了”。想到北京的冬天气温寒冷,我了一件羽服和香烟。警察只把香烟走了。

Liu was sentenced last Christmas Day to 11 years in prison for subversion. The 54-year old literary critic is now the favorite to win the Nobel Peace Prize — in what would be a major embarrassment to the Chinese government.家政罪的罪名,刘晓波在去年圣诞节被判入11年。54的文学评论家目前是得今年诺贝的最大热门。如使中政府尴尬

He is the best shot the country's dissident movement has had in winning the prestigious award since it began pushing for democratic change after China's authoritarian leaders launched economic, but not political, reforms three decades ago.如果他能得享有盛诺贝尔和平将对的政治反对运动有一很好的推作用。因在三十年前,官方经济改革的候,它们就在推的民主化程。

Last year the prize was won by President Barack Obama. Irish bookmaker PaddyPower says for this year's prize Liu's been the favorite for months, with recent odds at 6-to-1, ahead of Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at 8-to-1.去年此奖颁给了美国总统奥出版商paddypower:几来刘晓波都是这奖的最热门,目前率是6:1先于津巴布韦总理茨万吉拉伊的8:1。(注:最新率是3:1 http://www.paddypower.com/bet/novelty-betting/current-affairs/nobel-peace-prize

China's deputy foreign minister has warned the Nobel Institute not to give the prize to a Chinese dissident, the director of the Norway-based institute said this week. In another sign of official disapproval, an editorial on Thursday in the state-run Global Times newspaper called Liu a radical and separatist. 在挪威的诺贝尔和平奖评选构负责人本周外交部副部女士已警告诺贝奖评审员会不要奖颁给异见人士(注:除刘晓波以外,胡佳、、魏京生等中国异见人士也在此次诺贝尔和平提名名上)
In China, police continue to threaten and question some of the more than 300 people who were the first to sign Charter 08, which was co-authored by Liu. Despite the risk, thousands more have signed it since its release.在中,警察一直在威询问第一批300多位署人中那些被视为宪章的共同起草者。

Charter 08 is an echo of Charter 77, the famous call for human rights in then-Czechoslovakia that led to the 1989 Velvet Revolution that swept away the communist regime. The charter for China calls for more freedoms and an end to the Communist Party's political dominance. "The democratization of Chinese politics can be put off no longer," it says.08章是07章的回
Former peace prize winners Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and Charter 77 co-drafter Vaclav Havel have joined those calling for Liu to get the award. Scholars inside and outside China have mounted letter-writing campaigns on his behalf. 获诺贝尔和平的南非图图、西藏精神达赖尊者以及作77章共同起草人之一的哈尔都在呼吁奖颁给刘晓波先生。

"If I were the Chinese Communist Party, I would free him now. Release him. Now. So you don't have the humiliation and it's good for everyone," said Jean-Philippe Beja, a China scholar at the Paris-based Center for International Studies and Research and a longtime friend of Liu. 刘晓波的好友,在一家位于巴黎的国际研究中心专门研究中-菲利普 “如果我是中党,我会马刘晓波。这样你(政府)就不感到羞辱并对这对所有人都好”。

The blunt, sometimes earthy Liu is not always liked, even by fellow activists. "He hasn't yet become the kind of inspiring person Mandela is," AIDS activist Wan Yanhai said in a Twitter post this week, referring to the former South African leader, also a Nobel laureate.利的有粗野的刘晓是被所有人喜,甚至中的活跃异见人士也未必喜。艾滋病家万延海周在推特上:目前未成曼德拉那的振人心,曼德拉是南非前总统也是诺贝尔和平奖获奖者。
But Liu is rare among government critics in China for being well-known not just among the dissident movement but among the wider public too.在中的政治异见运动中,而且在一更大的公共域,刘晓波作政府批者是少有的知名人士。

"Across the spectrum, Chinese intellectuals and students have high respect for Liu Xiaobo," said Andrew Nathan, a professor at Columbia University in New York who once sponsored Liu as a visiting scholar. "The award of the prize ... would be viewed by most as an act friendly to China." 位于纽约的哥学教授安德 南森“根据目前的情,中的知分子和对刘晓获奖抱有很高的期望。这个奖会绝大多人被视为对的善意”。他曾邀请刘晓波作为访问学者。

It was not the same when the Tibet-born Dalai Lama was awarded the peace prize in 1989. Not just the Chinese government and some of the public were angry over the win by the exiled Buddhist leader regarded as a traitor by officialdom for his views on Tibet's status. 此次不同于1989诺贝尔和平得主,出生于西藏的达赖尊者。不政府,而且部分中众对将奖颁给流亡的藏教领袖感到怒。因官方因他有于西藏地位的点,视为卖国贼
Liu first drew attention in 1986, when he criticized Chinese writers' "childish" obsession with the Nobel Prize. Two years later, he became a visiting scholar in Oslo, where the peace prize is awarded.刘晓波首次引起公注意是在1986年,因他批作家度痴迷于诺贝尔文学奖的孩子年之后,他成为奥的一名访问学者,诺贝尔和平陆颁发

There, in his first time outside China, his writings became more political.是他第一次走出国门,他的作品有更多的政治性。

"Perhaps my personality means that I'll crash into brick walls wherever I go," Liu wrote from Oslo to Geremie Barme, a China scholar at Australian National University. "I can accept it all, even if in the end I crack my skull open."刘晓从奥陆写Geremie Barme中提到“可能因我的性意味着无我走到什地方,我都批判。J即使破血流也不悔其志。”. Geremie Barme是澳大利亚国立大学研究中国问题.

Liu cut short a visiting scholar stint at Columbia University months later to join the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989. He and three other older activists famously persuaded students to peacefully leave the square hours before the deadly June 4 crackdown. 1989刘晓波中止了在哥访问学目,回国参加北京天安的反对运动。他和其他三位行者成功劝说学,在198964镇压发生前的几小里和平离天安广

"I remember clearly the difficulty and pain Liu Xiaobo and his comrades-in-arms — raised as they had been with the most radical type of an education — experienced in reaching this decision, one which only later was understood to have saved the lives of several hundred students," Xu Youyu, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently wrote in a public letter supporting Liu for the peace prize.院徐友渔教授,最近了一信支持刘晓获诺贝尔和平。他“我仍然楚地刘晓波的困和努力,当时是受斗学教大的,要明白做出这样定殊不易。后此解救了百位生生命的定被人理解”。

Liu went to prison after the crackdown and was released in early 1991 because he had repented and "performed major meritorious services," state media said at the time, without elaborating.天安事件镇压之后,刘晓波被监狱,此后于1991年初被放。因他已表示且官方媒体“有重大立功表”,法官方媒体并没详细

The bloody Tiananmen experience made Liu less radical, said Zhou Duo, a friend on the square. 年的广四君子之一周舵“天安的流血经历使刘晓波不再激”。

"He used to be impetuous, but he changed a lot after June 4," Zhou said. "He became more rational and mild. He criticized the Communist Party, but he preferred having good exchanges between government and the opposition about politics and democracy."周舵“他以前是很冲的,但在六四事件之后他改了很多。他得理性和。然他批党,但是他更希望政府者之能就政治和民主话题进行更好的对话交流”

Still, five years later Liu was sent to a re-education camp for three years for co-writing an open letter that demanded the impeachment of then-President Jiang Zemin.五年后,刘晓波被劳动改造三年,因为参与要求当时家主席江民的公信。

Liu emerged from that sentence in 1999 to find the Internet age. He resisted the new medium of communication at first, but eventually called the Internet "God's present to China."刘晓1999年的判中束之后,发现经进入互联网时代,一始他抵制这种新的交流媒介,但后联网称为上帝予中

Now Liu only writes a diary and letters to his wife, which she keeps private. His family can visit him in prison, but they can't talk about his case or world events, and officials stand by taking notes.刘晓波只妻子信,些信件霞私人保留。他的人可以去监狱探望他,但是不能谈论他的案件和世界重大新。探视时工作人员会站在一旁记录

His wife said the couple had never imagined Liu winning the peace prize.他的妻子霞女士都未曾想过刘晓波能诺贝尔和平
"I can always predict when bad things are about to happen," she said, "but I can never totally believe that good things can become a reality."坏事快生的候,我是能感到,但我不再完全相信好事能成。”

Associated Press Writer Isolda Morillo contributed to this report.社作家埃索 莫理略此文亦有贡献

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