Invitation from Zhang Jialong

Dear Mr.Kerry,

Welcome to China.

There are some new situations about Internet freedom and human rights in China since we met in February 2014, and I hope I could have a chance to talk to you about them.

It would be better if you could chat with me in person. I would like to invite you to my home and have dinner together.

About Internet freedom:

In the 21st century, free and open access to the Internet is one of the most important freedoms afforded to the human race. 1.3 billion Chinese people should not be an exception.Nowadays, Chinese authorities are censoring and deleting some online speech, landing some online commenters in prison for speech crimes. China’s people are still unable to freely access the World Wide Web.

The Great Firewall that restricts Internet freedom is now higher than ever before.The situation for Internet freedom in China deteriorated  sharply in 2016,reaching the darkest days yet in the 21st century.

The existence of China’s Great Firewall is an affront to liberty, the human race ,it is an embarrassment not just to China but to the human race, and an open challenge to public justice and the public consciousness.

Ever since President Xi Jinping came to power in November 201,central authorities have been tightening control over the press and expression, detaining or harassing a growing number of reporters and netizens. China's press freedom is rated very poorly on international standards by various press freedom ranking organizations.Therefore, Xi and other central leaders are regarded as the enemies of free speech. 

As the conflicts intensify between the Party (Chinese Communist Party)and the people, the Party wishes to clamp down, clean up, and suppress any information detrimental to it. One can anticipate that the Party will continue to do anything in its power to tightly control the media and Internet, turning it from a platform for relatively free expression into just another propaganda tool.

For many years, Chinese who aspire for freedom have spilled their blood and sweat fighting for it.Many pioneers have lost their lives.We must work harder to demand responsibility for the crimes against humanity , speed up the release of prisoners of conscience, put an end to one-party rule, and establish a democratic China. This is the best way to memorialize those pioneers who shed blood and sweat to fight for democracy and freedom.

if the United States could help in the effort to tear down China’s notorious Great Firewall, it would help China realize internet freedom sooner.” I also call on the U.S. to implement visa sanctions on those who contributed to creating the GFW, such as Fang Bingxing (方滨兴), the father of GFW.

About human rights:

In modern civilized society, popular sovereignty means the people are the owners of national sovereignty. Government power is generated by the people’s agreement. If the government persecutes human rights, exercises tyranny, then all the oppressed people have the right to overthrow the dictatorship of the illegal regime, and build a new democratic government.

Since 1949, the Chinese Communist regime has never been authorized by free and fair periodic elections mandate from the people. Power has been the monopoly of a handful of dictators, and 1.3 billion Chinese people are completely deprived from their choice and discretion of their own future and destiny, therefore the Chinese Communist regime has no legality. The Chinese Communist regime persecutes human rights, exercises tyranny, then all the oppressed people have the right to overthrow the dictatorship of the illegal regime, and build a new democratic government.

Since 1949, Chinese dictators have robbed their people of their freedom and systematically violated human rights.Many dissidents and activists were harassed,detained,imprisoned or killed,forcing the country’s citizens to live in fear.Many people did not dare to tell the truth, claim their rights. Their personal dignity is trampled.

The violent suppression of protesters around central Beijing's Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, ordered by the ruling Communist Party, is one of the most crucial moments in modern Chinese history. 

It has been almost 27 years since what many here call the "6/4 incident," which may have killed anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of people -- the exact figure cannot be determined because of official censorship -- but China's central authorities still have not reflected on this expression of violence, one which mobilized tanks and guns. 

Instead, the government has expended vast sums on what it calls "stability maintenance" to stifle the voice of the people, all the while refusing to publish the names of those killed, missing, or detained after 6/4. Meanwhile, the families of 6/4 victims continue to be harassed by secret police. 

The human rights situation in China is getting worse.Liu Xiaobo, Xu Zhiyong, Liu Xianbin, Chen Wei, Chen Xi, Wang Bingzhang, Peng Ming, Zhu Yufu, Guo Quan, Li Bifeng ,Ilham Tohti,Miao Deshun,Zhang Lin, Yang Maodong,Ding Jiaxi, Liu Ping, Wei Zongping,  Zhao Fengsheng, Tang Jingling, Wang Qingying, Yuan Xinting, Wang Mo, Xie Wenfei, Zhang Shengyu and other prisoners of conscience are still in prison.

Liu Xia remains under house arrest although she has not been charged with a crime.

Wu Gan, Lin Bin, Hu Shigen, Qin Yongmin, Li Heping, Zhou Shifeng,Wang Yu,Bao Longjun,Zhao Wei,Wang Quanzhang, Li Chunfu,Xie Yang,Xie Yanyi,Li Guozhi,Liu Sixin, Huang Wenxun, Zhang Shaojie, Lv Gengsong, Chen Shuqing,Jia Lingmin ,Su Changlan, Chen Yunfei,Chen Qitang,Tang Zhishun,Xing Qingxian,Liu Shaoming,Zhang Haitao,Zhao Haitong,Yu Shiwen,Liang Qinhui,Zhao Changqing and others are suffering from political persecution.

Behind every one of prisoners of conscience is a broken family. The unfairness and unjustice of the Chinese communist regime make the families of prisoners of conscience to face not only the loss of freedom and even life of their loved ones with great pain, but also to suffer the loss of an important source of income family. They have to support the family on their own plight, and are closely monitored and repressed by the Chinese Communist regime.

Those Chinese prisoners of conscience currently imprisoned require our collective, sustained attention and support.

I call on the U.S. government to use the power of diplomacy and public opinion to request that China immediately free Liu Xiaoboand other prisoners of conscience jailed for political reasons, and refrain from any conduct that restricts their freedom.

Meanwhile I suggest that U.S. diplomats should pay attention to and supporting the families of prisoners of conscience.

Over the past several decades of experience, it clearly shows that if only the international community acquiescences and supports Communist totalitarian rule, the CCP will give preferential policies and privileges as a political return. Therefore, the privileges and profits gained by many foreign governments, politicians and businessmen in China are at the expense of 1.3 billion ordinary Chinese people's fundamental human rights, living environment and brutal plunder of the blood and sweat of hundreds of millions of Chinese workers. 

The international community’s appeasement to the Chinese Communist regime (the People's Republic of China )is for short-term real interest (especially economic interests). This would only encourage its internal and external hegemonic acts, and making it further forcefully suppressing the Chinese people’s fight for human rights and democratic freedoms. Meanwhile, it will accelerate foreign expansion, produce conflict and undermine world peace and prosperity.

As the oldest and most powerful democratic country, USA should be more strongly support the people fighting against Communist totalitarian tyranny. The great cause of democratization of China will not only change China and East Asia, but also will promote the progress of world civilization. I therefore call on the United States to re-examine and adjust its China policy, and human rights, democracy and freedom in more priority when dealing with China. 

Yours truly,

Zhang Jialong